Wood Burning Cooking Stoves

When it comes to Amazon, there is no second best. Basiclly doing business with Amazon is just like being in a sail boat race. As with most  races the results are often close but in the end it doesn't matter if you place or show. Whomever is number one is the one who gets the trophy. So. we provide you the best products at the best prices on the web. Take a look at our categories on the right for the widest range of wood burning cook stoves available. We have reviews, from other buyers, pages of information about the various issues that surround using wood as an alternative to natural gas, propane or fuel oil. One page is dedicated to the issues of safety, especially where your children are concerned. Shop online safe in the knowledge that all of your orders will be 100% secure - guaranteed! So come and get in our trophy winning boat, then we will both take home the prize!

Name the Store Contest

While traveling north three summers ago on our way up to Alaska we noticed that the further we got, the more apt we were to find people using wood for heat and cooking. Now the that trend has taken root in the whole of the Americas. From observation then, comes our store. Just because it is a store, doesn't mean that we are going to call it, "Crazy Dan's Stove Sales and Emporium." No, since our products are first class, and our partner (Amazon) is first class, we decided to become your best resource for Wood Burning Cook Stoves. And as an extra added bonus, heating as well.

With all of this in mind, and since "Crazy Dan's Stove Sales and Emporium" is not quite what the name of a classy store should be. We have decided to sponser a contest with you our public;  and whoever comes up with our NEW NAME will be awarded a nice gift from the store in appreciation for their accumen and participation. To enter, select "Contact us" please leave your full name,  and best email address. In the subject line type in, "Store Naming Contest." All entries to the Store Naming Contest become the property of "Crazy Dan's." Sign up for our Newsletter to get all of the winning details.